Powertrip Industries


Initiate, Activate, Participate.




From initial conception and planning, to final tear down and after event follow-up, we can do it all. Or, if you prefer, we can handle just the things that you don’t care to do yourself. We’ll work with you to plan an event that fits your needs and your budget.


Our staff have found a way to engage the consumer from their screens.  It's the art of creating connections through engagement.  Influencers then inspire the consumer to share with their connections.

Promotional Models

We have learned it is not mutually exclusive to be easy on the eyes and understand the product.  Our models have real working knowledge of the product and industry. We have models that actually know their way around vehicles.

On-Site Event Support

Although it’s impossible to plan for everything that could happen, it is possible to have a plan in place to deal with the unexpected. This skill comes from years of training. Remember, there is no substitute for experience. Our professional staff has decades of experience in the automotive and powersports industries. If you can dream it, we can produce it.


When it comes to ride and drive services, our team members have played key roles in every step of the process. Our experience goes beyond typical event planning to include implementation of course design, safety training, and motorsports professionals that give consumers quality product experiences.


Our staff have been involved with countless product launches. From the boldest “in your face” campaigns (including TV production), to low key dealer launches, to a guerrilla marketing strategy that created a new demographic for a brand—we’ve done it all!

Trade Show Staffing

We’re not just pretty faces that stand in the booth and wave to passersby. Our representatives are highly skilled at drawing people in and engaging them in conversation about your products and services. It just so happens, we also look good doing it.


One-day events, multi-city tours, and everything in between—it is a complex dance to make the pieces all come together.  This is something that we excel doing.

Sponsorship assistance

A key part of event success is the sponsorship behind the event.  We provide a proven sales team with industry contacts to gain sponsorship support.  


Our product knowledge is more than a memorized list of features and benefits. It comes from personal experiences and a passion for the brands we represent. In other words, we’re buying what we’re selling.


Launching a new product or service and need to train a lot of staff spread across multiple locations? Call us. We can get your crew up to speed in no time.

Motorcycle Safety Training

Whether working with beginners that have never ridden before, or experienced riders that would like to improve their skills, our riding coaches utilize cutting-edge techniques to create safer and better riders–off-road, on the street, and on a track.


Sometimes, you just want to have someone else's point of view on the event or situation you have already put together.  We can be here for you.